Electrical Utility SCADA

Since 1990, U.S. Automation has provided a wide range of SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) Systems for private, commercial, and municipal Electrical Utilities. Our Electrical Utility SCADA Systems have significantly improved the performance & reliability of many electrical generation facilities and distribution systems throughout the United States. Our control engineers have developed a wide range of automation solutions, which have been individually optimized to meet the specific needs of each of our electrical utility clients. Most recently U.S. Automation's staff have completed major electrical utility projects in Connecticut, New Jersey, Missouri, and California.

U.S. Automation's advanced SCADA system designs include a wide variety of features, which were developed to meet all of our customers' functional requirements. For your review, a few of the most commonly requested design features are listed:

Automated Electronic Dispatch Systems networked into the ISO Dispatch System;

AGC control of steam plant generators based on ISO electronic AGC commands;

Remote Monitoring of Fuel Systems and Field Instrumentation;

Protective Circuit Breaker & Recloser Monitoring / Control;

Expanded Historical Data Collection and Customized Operational Reports;

Automatic power transformer Load Tap-Changer (LTC) control and monitoring;

Automatically emails critical alarms/events to workstations, pagers, & mobile phones.

Advanced Digital Power Monitoring; and

Integration of other IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) such as protective relays.

U.S. Automation's SCADA designs use only the highest quality industrially proven equipment and provide unsurpassed communications connectivity. Our RTU's (Remote Terminal Units) offer Modbus (serial & TCP), DNP 3.0 (Serial & TCP), TCP, L&G 8979, Harris 5000/6000, PG&E 2179, Conitel 300/2020, Betac/Getac, & Tejas protocols. Our integrated network designs allow multiple protocols to run simultaneously and bridge from one to another, if required. This open connectivity is required at many of our power plant applications, which for example must:

Interface with the ISO SCADA system via L&G 8979 over a leased-line modems (to provide generation information to the ISO and to receive AGC setpoints from the ISO),

Connects to the local transmission companies, which may use GE/Harris D20 RTU's communicating over DNP 3.0 serial links, (to share required data),

Interface with the generation company WAN to enable access to required data and to provide control commands via DNP TCP or Modbus TCP.

Share data with a facility-wide Ethernet SCADA system which: a. Directly communicates with the ISO electronic dispatch system, distributing this information to several steam, turbine, & hydroelectric generation facilities; b. Provides operator acknowledgment back to the ISO, c. Provides AGC control of each steam plant, and d. Monitors various MOD, Breaker, and power signals and IEDs.

Interface with the generation company WAN to enable access to required data and to provide control commands via DNP TCP or Modbus TCP

Provide fully integrated support of various data collection systems, such as a corporate PI Database System.

It is important to note that each of these customized communication interfaces is configured so that only authorized data can be read and/or written. Our SCADA System designs do not allow unauthorized access to any control functions or other system information.

Integrated ISO Electronic Dispatch, AGC & SCADA RTU System

All of the Utility SCADA Systems implemented by U.S. Automation engineers are specifically designed to meet the long-term operational requirements of each of our clients. Although these systems all utilize our state-of-the-art SCADA equipment, each system is customized to interface with a wide variety of existing field equipment and installed communications equipment. Our experienced control system engineers have provided automated SCADA solutions in a wide range of installations, which integrates existing third-party control systems, monitoring equipment, field instrumentation, protective devices/relays, and complex communications networks. One of the most difficult areas to master is the development of a seamless communications systems, which have been a specialty of U.S. Automation for more than 15 years.

Several of our larger SCADA system implementations include all of the standard electrical utility serial communications protocols (DNP 3.0, Modbus, L&G 8979); which we have fully integrated with the latest wide area network (WAN) implementations. Our design engineers have utilized virtually every type of communications transmission media; including wireless 802.11b, frame relays, multi-drop leased lines, radio Ethernet, fiber optic TCP/IP, cellular telephone, microwave/ satellite communications and numerous other networking technologies.

In summary, the key to U.S. Automation's continued success is our combined knowledge of your electrical utility system requirements and the ability to effectively adapt the latest SCADA system equipment to meet all of your long-term requirements.

On behalf of U.S. Automation, we are looking forward to meeting you in the near future, to discuss your next SCADA System application and adding your company to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. Please contact engineering staff to discuss how we can meet all of your automation and SCADA needs at your earliest convenience.

















































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