S88 Compliant Batch & Continuous Process Control Systems

To meet the growing challenges of today's increasingly complex pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and biotechnology industries; U.S. Automation's experienced system engineers have designed & commissioned a wide range of customized S88 Compliant Batch and Continuous Process Control Systems. Our advanced control system designs have been installed in many large pharmaceutical production facilities to insure absolute product quality & full compliance with detailed FDA regulations. In addition, our highly flexible automation platforms have been instrumental in reducing the time to market for several new bio-technology products and because of the inherent need to support a wide variety of process formulations, each process control system is specifically designed to easily adapt to support rapidly evolving technology advancements.

From the conceptual design of our first industrial control system, U.S. Automation has always utilized non-proprietary, open systems architectures for our automated batch and continuous process control. The ANSI/ISA-88 (S88) compliant control systems designed by U.S. Automation's experienced control engineers have been extremely effective in the implementation of automation strategies to sustain flexible cGMP operations not only in batch, but also in discrete and continuous industries. Over the past 10 years, the modular structure and standard terminology of S88 compliant systems has proven to significantly improve plant-wide communications between product engineering, plant personnel and equipment vendors. U.S. Automation's strict implementation of S88 has always resulted in more effective control system installations at a minimum total cost of ownership. In addition, each of our customized system designs are optimized to assure ease of service, support, and future upgrades to meet changing market requirements.

Our principal batch S88 and process control system applications has been developed for pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, industrial building automation (including clean room, HVAC, & utility system controls), and municipal water/wastewater treatment projects. In addition, most of our DeltaV, iBatch, & other S88 installations were batch operations, which required full FDA validation and compliance with 21CFR Part 11 Electronic Records/Electronic Signature regulations.

U.S. Automation engineers have extensive experience programming DeltaV, iBatch, and several other S88 compliant software platforms. To insure all our valued customers a successful installation, U.S. Automation always maintains a dedicated professional staff of skilled system integration engineers, with more than fifty (50) man-years of control system software programming, configuration, installation, and upgrade experience. To further improve our customer service, U.S. Automation has numerous factory trained and certified automated system engineers to provide complete turn-key project designs & installations or to assist our clients with any phase of the project implementation process. In fact, we are one of the very few major system integration firms, which offers 24 hr., 7 day/week field service contracts; including complete field instrumentation calibration services. For your review, we have listed below a few examples of U.S. Automation's project design/execution experience of our system engineering staff:


Technical Background and Project Management Experience:

U.S. Automation's typical project responsibilities include initial engineering, electrical and field instrumentation design, control panel fabrication, system configuration, loop checkout/tests, and commissioning/start-up.

Our professional system engineer's have extensive design experience with both S88 Batch and Continuous Process Control, using the latest application software, PLC/DCS hardware, field instruments and advanced I/O networks.

U.S. Automation has a library of over 75 custom pre-configured, programmed, field tested, and validated Delta V batch phases to implement a wide variety of complicated process control operations. Our system engineers provide detailed documentation for these phases, including comprehensive validation protocols and testing procedures for cGMP processes.

Our engineering staff has decades of successful Delta V design experience and maintains an excellent working relationship with the worldwide Emerson Delta V Support Organization.

Our Delta V engineering experience is continually updated with several ongoing projects for 2003 and 2004. U.S. Automation's years of Delta V system design expertise spans more than five generations of control processors, I/O modules, operating systems, and application software.

Large staff of Factory trained and certified Delta V Engineers.

Functional Specifications, P&ID Drawings, & Design Requirements Development:

As part of our standard project management cycle; U.S. Automation generates a comprehensive Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) for each of our clients, which outlines the overall batch automation strategy, identifies specific phase/control module operations and defines the phase input/report parameters.

Once a complete scope of work is created, U.S. Automation develops control system flow charts, works with clients to develop project implementation plans, creates verified system P&IDs, and generates fixed-price project estimates for all of the control system hardware, I&E installation, and engineering efforts.

U.S. Automation designs and fabricates all required control panels, configures DeltaV system graphics, controllers, & batch recipes. To insure a successful implementation our engineering staff also provides operator training simulators and training assistance, customized for each of our valued clients.

S88 Batch Software Program Development & Configuration:

U.S. Automation has successfully installed, configured, and upgraded DeltaV Application Software; Windows NT Versions 5.3.2; 6.3.2; 7.1; and the latest Windows XP Versions 7.2; 7.3.

Our advanced system configuration expertise includes the setup of Thin Client Networks, multiple Batch Application Servers, and remote access capability via Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Developed the Complete SP88 Phase Logic for Running, Holding, Restarting, Stopping/Aborting phases, and Error Detection/Operation Fault Logic; as part of our standard implementation for Industrial & Pharmaceutical applications.

To receive & transmit control data from third party support utilities and process skids (which are controlled by a wide variety of PLC's including Allen-Bradley, Modicon and others); U.S. Automation has designed and programmed complex industrial procedures using standardized batch software functions.

Developed redundant Distributed Control Systems (DCS) with multiple DeltaV batch executives capable of running multiple concurrent lines of production.

Configured DeltaV OPC servers to communicate with 3rd party interfaces like XL Reporter and ASPEN IP21 database. These advanced communications interfaces enhance the reporting and analytical capabilities of our customers.

I/O Network Installation & Control System Start-up/Commissioning:

U.S. Automation engineers have implemented complex field I/O networks with multiple ASI, Profibus, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, and Serial I/O protocols.

Designed, Programmed, and Implemented Serial Communications Interfaces to link proprietary Allen-Bradley and Modicon PLC controlled ultra-filtration & centrifuge skids with the main process control system.

Installed, tested, and verfied numerous physical control networks; including fiberoptic Ethernet, multi-drop RS-485 PLC networks, wide-area PC networks, and numerous Field Communications Bus technologies.

Our senior control system engineers have extensive practical experience in the start-up/commissioning of a diverse range of batch & continuous control systems; including Foxboro IA, Emerson DeltaV, Intellution iBatch, Westinghouse WPDF, Bailey Infi90, Andover Infinity, Johnson Metasys, & numerous PLC-Based DCS Systems from all major control system equipment manufacturers.

U.S. Automation's engineering staff has years of field instrumentation selection, start-up, troubleshooting, & calibration experience; including all standard analog/ digital transmitters (flow, pressure, level, temperature) and advanced analytical devices (pH, ORP, streaming current, turbidity, water quality residuals) .

To insure the problem-free operation of your control system investment, our staff of senior system engineers has many years of practical field experience isolating difficult software errors, troubleshooting unstable control systems, programming VFD drive systems, and tuning PID loops.

Site Acceptance Testing & FDA Validation Documentation:

Design/configured plant equipment models and control modules/phases for batch & continuous process control systems. U.S. Automation has a complete in-house software library of more than 50 validated, custom control modules. As part of our comprehensive support services, we provide detailed documentation for each control module/phase; including fully documented validation protocols & testing procedures for cGMP processes.

As part of our comprehensive project management, our system engineers can be contracted to provide independent FDA control system validation; which includes fully documented evaluation protocols and testing procedures for all cGMP processes.

U.S. Automation has provided complete project management services for control systems ranging from 100 to 1200 I/O points. Our professional control engineers have successfully designed, programmed, & commissioned numerous plant-wide DeltaV systems incorporating up to 10 controllers over a fully redundant network.

Our engineering staff has provided complete software programming services and validation support for OEM filtration, water purification, vacuum drying, & other OEM skids, which are being integrated into existing pharmaceutical plants.

Most recently, U.S. Automation has completed extensive batch control software testing, phase code validation, SAT (site acceptance testing), and implementation of OQ protocols for AMGEN's Bio-next project.

Advanced Control System Support and Long-Term Maintenance Contracts:

Developed customized software programs to perform daily data backups of all critical historical data (over the plant Ethernet LAN) to ensure that the DeltaV data server will not get overloaded.

Our system programmers provided extensive self-diagnostic and field troubleshooting/ support/ troubleshooting tools using advanced Historical Data Collection programs & Trending modules (with data extracted from the PI Historian Database).

U.S. Automation offers long-term 24 hr. 7 day/week maintenance support and emergency service contracts to all of our valued customers.

Designed/programmed customized analytical tools for each of our clients by creating customized Access & SQL report queries to extract critical report data from the Delta V Batch Historian Database. This data is then formatted to meet each customer's specific production tracking, quality control, and historical record keeping requirements.

Designed, configured, and implemented comprehensive historical/real-time data back-ups & automated periodic backups of entire Delta V System configurations to ensure no loss of critical data and/or control system programs.

U.S. Automation currently has numerous annual engineering service contracts to provide monthly personnel/operator training, software modifications, and routine field instrument calibrations

U.S. Automation's extensive pharmaceutical control system experience & project management background assures our customers that their project will be completed using proven state-of-the-art system designs, on schedule and within your planned budget costs.

Once again, it is important to mention that when you hire U.S. Automation on your next control system project, you will have instant access to over 75 custom developed phases, and more than 50 custom developed control modules; which are all fully tested with detailed documentation (including validation protocols for all cGMP processes). In order to satisfy the individual needs of each of our industrial, commercial, municipal, and local/ state/federal government clients, U.S. Automation's system integration teams shall be lead by experienced project managers, who have a proven success record in the implementation of other similar automation projects. One of the key selection criteria for our pharmaceutical project managers is their past experience providing the specific field progress reports and other detailed documentation which are required for each particular control system application. If you would like to discuss your specific pharmaceutical, bio-technology, environmental compliance, and/or specialty chemical control system application; please contact us at your earliest convenience:


























































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